Posted on 2024-04-17

I decided to start documenting the changes I make to my website through a monthly changelog in an effort to work out in the open more, and so I can look back at a record of my work! I'll append changes as I make them within the period of a month. Without further ado, here's the log for this batch of changes.

  • [533f91aa] Added footer links to participate as a member of the Constellation webring
  • [40ed0a3c] Reorganized template hierarchy in the theme to allow for head and footer overrides on every page
    • This allows me to display webring links in the footer of every page (not just the home page)
  • [84e65ba9] Modified the theme macro list_posts to show drafted posts rather than ignore them
    • Zola already doesn't generate draft posts by default, so this was redundant
    • It's now possible for me to preview drafted posts locally with zola serve --drafts
  • [2fddb0d1] Made some minor changes to the home page, including a "no AI" disclaimer
  • [d2decd03] Added a simple shortcode (git_commit) for linking to a relevant commit given its SHA1
    • You may have guessed that I'm using this shortcode here!
  • [887d1dc4] Added a favicon!
  • [b01b8f37] Made it so that images using my embed_image shortcode mirror the alt text to the title attribute, making the alt text visible on hover á la xkcd